Room Rates


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Dogs will be free roaming in the play space during the day and back to their rooms in the night. Only non-aggressive dogs are allowed to mix around in the hotel. They will have playtime and snack time together.

Cats will have free roaming on a room rotation basis as most cats prefer not to mix around. They will have their own playtime and snack time separately.

Cage Free Boarding

Dogs (and cats if permissible) will be able to roam freely in the hotel and play area during the daytime. We provide plenty of toys and play with them from time to time. There's also snack time where we give them treats.

Furries who are not so "friendly" will be separated in a smaller area space or put in the playpen, their owners will be requested to bring them back immediately. The furballs will only go back to their rooms at night when we close shop so they can have their dinner and go to sleep.


* Only applicable for dog and human friendly, non-aggressive and fully vaccinated dogs for safety reasons. Pets must put tick/ flea preventive during check in. We always try our best to keep our place clear of tick and flea but there are many pets coming in and out therefore it is best that the owner prevent their own pet of any chance of getting it. We reserve the right not to accept dogs on heat or heavily infested with tick or fleas.


Note: Please understand that as this is a free roaming place, there are bound to be risks of accidents. Dogs have moods and tempers like us humans. They are also sensitive beings and some dogs feeling irritable happen sometimes. We as the caretakers of the pets will try our best to prevent and stop their unwanted behaviors to escalate. However, there might also be sudden snaps where they do not show any signs beforehand. We cannot act fast enough in that split second when it happens but we will definitely stop the fight.


DO bring along your own pet food.

We have a clean kitchenette in our shop to heat up their meals. You can bring cooked food for us to heat up or if your furball is on a raw diet, do not worry, just bring it along and we will stock it up in our freezer.

You can also purchase some wet food for your doggies or kitties at our hotel if they are picky eaters away from home. We have Monge (dog wet food), Pet Chef homecooked food, Coco & Joe Barf and Cindy's Recipe (cat wet food) in store.



A non-refundable deposit has to be paid to make a booking. We will take 30% for deposit and 70% balance during check in.


Check In Time 

The hotel check in time must be before 5pm. FULL PAYMENT is to be made during check in. Check ins that occur after 5pm are subject to a mandatory RM 20 late check in fee.  


Check Out Time 

The hotel check out time will be before 4pm on weekdays & Saturdays ONLY.  Check outs that occur after 6pm are subject to a mandatory RM20 late fee. Owners must notify us for late pick-ups during check-in time. We will not entertain any last minutes changes.

If pet(s) are not checked out by 7pm, we reserve the right to keep the pet(s) for another night. All costs will be charged to owner in the event of late check out.  

On Sundays, check out time will be before 3pm. In the case of late check out, the latest we will wait only till 5pm. Subject to a mandatory RM20 late fee. If late check out is needed, please inform in advance at least 1-2 day in advance. ( We are not 24/7 in the shop)

The hotel is closed on Tuesdays. Check-out will be allowed on Tuesdays by appointment basis, if requested few days in advance. Furball Haven has the right to keep the pet(s) for another night if the owner is more than an hour late on the appointed time. The extra charges will be charged to the owner.

**Please understand that we do not entertain last minute requests as we have a schedule to follow. Our shop closes at 4pm/ 6pm.

Own toys and bedding 

We encourage owners to bring their pet's own toys and bedding to make them feel more at home. However, Furball Haven cannot promise to return the toys and bedding for in the same condition as when it was brought in. Furball Haven will not be liable for damaged or lost items as it will wear and tear as the pet(s) uses them. 



Refunds and exchanges are not allowed for last minute cancellations. Normal days booking, we will refund if we are notified 10 days before and as for peak seasons 1 month ahead only (e.g. Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Merdeka, Christmas & holiday seasons). Please double check with us to confirm when is our PEAK. No exchanges allowed. Pet hotel full payment is not refundable if there is any cancellation during the stay.

Changes are not allowed  for the booking once deposit is paid. No refunds or exchanges for those last minute cancellations, so we recommend that customers are 100% confirmed with their booking plans before booking with us.

Tip: Do take important note on our operating hours and the time of your flights so that you can plan smoothly.

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