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Our Approach

Our Story

Furball Haven was started by 2 pet lovers in early 2016. We are pet owners ourselves and we want to do what we love, work with pets. We have left our full time office jobs to start up in this industry. It is a long journey to learning about pets but the first thing we learned a lot was about what we have been feeding our pets.

Most processed pet food are not good for pets health. Most snacks and food are filled with preservatives and additives. As we started doing house-call grooming, we started introducing homemade treats to our customers. Every pet owner, should know what food you feed into your pets tummy will affect the pets health. Like humans, we do know what will happen to us if we eat canned food for every meal.

We really wanted to care and cater for more dogs grooming so we got a shop in end January 2017. There were customers hoping for grooming in shop as it is not convenient to groom in their house. We started operating our grooming services while the pet hotel was still undergoing renovation. We officially opened our pet shop on the 11th June 2017.

We love to share what we know with our customers. Having a chat with customers sometimes allows us to learn more about pets too and widen our views. We are not a know all like google :p

There is plenty more to learn and we would like to share whatever we know. Perhaps some pet care tips which we heard about before are useful for you? Sharing is Caring 🙂

Our Story

Our Approach

We hope to give pets an enjoyable grooming experience, beautifying them should be relaxing and not stressing. We focus more on spending quality time rather than quantity of services. We have actually spent a whole day for one dog grooming, we took time for the dog to get used to us and make friends then only we started the grooming process. For the price that you pay, what you really get is our time. We do not like to use force on dogs do finish the job up quickly and get another customer. If the dog cannot accept grooming and gets too stressed out or starts to be aggressive, we will stop the session for the dog's well-being. We will not charge if we did not finish more than 50% the grooming. We would appreciate if owners could give us more information of the dog so we can understand their behavior better and work around it. It's all for their good 🙂

Before and after grooming session, we do not cage them. We want them to be free like when they are at home. We let them freely run around our shop as long as they are friendly and not aggressive to others. For safety reasons, if any dog shows signs of aggressiveness we will separate them using playpens or if its very serious we will put them in one of the hotel rooms.

Pets well-being matters a lot to us. We try to work with pawrents to understand more about their furbabies habits, character or behavior and it helps us to make them as comfortable and feel as at home as possible under our woof.

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