Rules & Regulations


Understanding Safety

We are a open concept, free to roam boarding and daycare. All dogs are deemed to be friendly and able to mix around. We do not accept dogs that are not able to mix around/ aggressive/ unstable behavior/ under depression/ separation anxiety from owner. Please be a responsible pet owner and let us know your dogs condition before dropping them off with us for the safety of others.

If your pet cannot be controlled, we will have to reject the pet for daycare or  boarding. Furball Haven reserves the right to immediately change your pet's type of boarding/ daycare if believed necessary to protect the well being of your pets, other pets present or the staff members. Pet(s) that show signs of aggressiveness or nervousness will be separated. We will have to restrict their freedom to roam freely. To be fair, we will only separate the trouble maker. If such occurs again, we have the right to reject the pet.

Do understand that sometimes dogs play rough, get irritated easily or snap without showing signs of aggression and therefore accidents might happen. They are sure to get scratched/punctured and we can only do our best to prevent such from happening.

We will do first aid and inform the owner as soon as possible. Do understand that all attempts will be made to contact the owner, should this become necessary. In the event that the owner is not reachable, Furball Haven will only decide the best they can for the well-being of the pet(s).

Cats have the option to stay in the room or to have free roaming as mostly are not as sociable as dogs, however same rules apply, if they are not friendly with others, they have to be in their own room.


Vaccinations & Sickness

We require all pets to be fully vaccinated when they check-in. Full vaccine is 3x for pets who are less than 1 years old and yearly vaccine for those who are more than 1 years old.

If any chance that the vaccine card is lost or no proof from the vet is available, we understand that happens too. We still can accept for boarding if the owner is very sure that vaccinations are complete and also understanding the risk(s) they are taking. However, pet(s) will not be allowed to roam freely in the play area without updated proof of vaccinations.

Please understand that vaccinations are not 100% effective to cover all sickness and diseases as well. Some sickness/ear mites/ ringworms/ low immune system cannot be detected before check in. Any possible sickness or viruses contracted during the stay in Furball Haven facility is at your own risk as it is a cage-free environment where pets mix around in the play area.

If your dog has any sickness a week before check in, please be responsible to let us know, so as to prevent spreading it to other pets.

(Please note that this is a requirement stated by the veterinary department for boarding shops, we have no choice but to follow)

Spay/ Neutered

Dog(s) have to be spayed/neutered to be entitled to be in the play area with other dogs. If you insist to let your dog mix around, please provide manner belts or we will use pampers for them but will be at your own risk. If any information given is incorrect, the owner will solely bear the responsibilities for their own dog(s).

Dogs or cats on heat are not allowed to be boarded. If so happen they are on heat in the middle of stay, they must be separated. Please understand that your pet will be put in an isolation room and not be allowed outside as it will attract unwanted behavior from other dogs around. (*Isolation room charges applies)


Flea and Ticks Issues

All pet(s) must apply tick and flea preventive before check-in. Those found to have ticks have to be de-flea and de-ticked before put to daycare or boarding. If owner is not willing to do so, Furball Haven has the right to reject the pet.

We always try our very best to be clear of tick and fleas in the hotel area but there will be risks that there will be fleas and ticks from other pet(s). Tick preventive only works as a prevention. Owners are solely liable for the prevention of fleas and ticks on their own pet(s).


Owner's Responsibility

Owners are solely responsible for the harm/ damage cause by their pet to animal or persons or property while their dog is present at Furball Haven facility. We as the "caretaker" will prevent any unwanted behavior by the pets as much as we can, however in the condition that there is any mis-information by owner or the pet is uncontrollable, we will not bear any responsibility.

Be aware that by leaving your pet at the hotel, there are risks  of contracting or acquiring sickness, cuts or punctures by interacting with other pets. Do understand that Furball Haven will do their best to avoid such from happening by keeping cleanliness and separating aggressive pets.



(toys applies to daycare as well)


Daycare charges are RM20/First 2 hour

Consecutive hours, we charge hourly rate of RM5/hour


Check In Time

The hotel check in time is anytime before 5pm during our regular business hours. Full payment is to be made during check in. Check ins that occur after 5pm are subject to a mandatory RM 15 late check in fee.


Check Out Time

The hotel check out time will be before 5pm. Check outs that occur after 5pm are subject to a mandatory RM15 late fee. If pets are not checked out by 7pm, we reserve the right to keep the pets for another night. All costs will be bear by owner in the event of late check out.

On Sundays, check out time will be before 3pm. Latest we will wait only till 5pm.

The hotel is closed on Tuesdays. Check-out will be allowed on Tuesdays by appointment basis, if requested few days in advance. Furball Haven has the right to keep the pet(s) for another night if the owner is more than an hour late on the appointed time. The extra charges will be charged to the owner.


Own toys and bedding

We encourage owners to bring their pet's own toys and bedding to make them feel more at home. They will feel less nervous or scared however, Furball Haven cannot promise to return the toys and bedding for in the same condition as when it was brought in. We will try the best to keep it clean/ launder the items but will not be liable for damaged or lost items as it will wear and tear as the pet(s) uses them.


-Agreement for Owners- 

(owners must sign our form to agree to our terms and conditions)

Abandoned Pets

I understand and agree that if my pet(s) is not picked up within seven(7) days after the scheduled pick up date and no notice has been given to Furball Haven PLT, the pet shall be deemed as abandoned and additional boarding charges shall apply if I would like to collect back my pet(s) as long as it is still in the shop. In such an event that the Company finds the pet a new home or shelter, I as the owner will have no recourse against the Company or any Company party.


I hereby agree that in the event of an emergency, I authorize Furball Haven PLT to immediately seek the nearest professional veterinary attention for my pet (at my expense). I understand that all attempts will be made to contact me in the event of an emergency.

Indemnification; Liability.

As consideration for the services rendered by Furball Haven PLT, I will release, indemnify, defend and hold Furball Haven and Furball Haven parties harmless from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, fines, penalties and expenses ( including attorney's fees and veterinary fees, costs and expenses) arising from or result from any breach of the representations contained in this agreement ( including abandonment of pet at the Furball Haven facility) or otherwise related to any and all acts of their pet(s). Which may include, without limitation injury or death to a pet or animal or staff member at the facility. In no event will Furball Haven or their company party be held liable for special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages, even if advised of their possible existence.


Grooming Procedures

1. Shaving - This may expose pre-existing skin complaints. It is not advisable to shave too short if they have skin problems. We will not be responsible for existing skin problems that surface after shaving. Owners have the responsibility to inform us of any skin conditions before the grooming session.

2. Handling - Dogs/cats can be slightly aggressive/ uncontrollable/ unstable behavior during grooming. This makes our job as a groomer very difficult, the time needed to groom might be doubled up that is why we charge a handling fee for these type of pets. Handling fee is only applicable for grooming and not boarding/daycare.

We have the right to reject any pets that presents a risk of injury to itself or our staffs. We will stop the service immediately if such an event occurs.

3. Deticks - We will use Bayticol on your dog and fully pick out all the ticks that we are able to catch. It will take time depending how severe the ticks infestation. We will charge RM15 onwards depending on severity.

Owners can choose not to detick their dogs however, the dogs will not be allowed to roam freely in our premise and they have to be picked up as soon as possible after grooming.

4. De-matting - Matted means very extremely tangled fur. We have to take a lot of time to brush out the matted fur. If it is too severe, we will suggest to shave the fur.

If the matt is too severe and during shaving, our blade cannot go through the fur smoothly to shave, there will be high risk of getting clipper burns or cuts in such a situation. We can only try our best to prevent it.

5. Styling for Full Grooming - We understand that sometimes how we perceive information from the customer might not be exactly 100% correct on the style of the cutting for your pet. Please check your pet before leaving our shop and we will do a touch up for you if you are not satisfied on the cutting.

We will only do one (1) touch up within three (3) days from the day of the grooming session.