What Do You Do In Grooming ?


Basic Grooming includes:

  1. Nail Trim
  2. Ear Cleaning
  3. Simple Brushing
  4. Bathing
  5. Blow Drying
  6. Deshedding

What does Full Grooming includes?

All Basic + Haircut/ Styling. We have 2 types:

  1. Lioncut
  2. Full Styling/ Scissoring





Bath & Blow

As the name says, we bath, blow and brush your dog. Best to be done weekly to avoid severe matts, wash off dirt and oil on your dog's skin and your dog will smell good 🙂

Never bath your dog more than 2x a week unless they have skin problems.


What does Basic Grooming Include?
1. Nail Cutting
2. Ear Hair Plucking (Certain dog breeds)
3. Ear Cleaning
4. Brushing (Excluding severe mats/tangles)
5. Bathing
6. Clearing of Anal Glands
7. Blow Drying
8. Shaving for underbelly & private part (Certain dog breeds unless request)
9. Paw pads Shaving


What does Full Grooming include?
1. Includes all basic grooming with clipping/scissoring.




*Important Read: House Rules & Policy

FREE Daycare provided

for ALL doggy grooming customers in our shop. No cage is used before & after grooming. Dogs must be able to mix around with other dogs.

'Unfriendly' furballs will be put in a playpen. However, please do pick them up as soon as possible as we have limited spaces.



Additional Charges:

1. Aggressive Fees - RM40 onwards (Depending on furball temperament)
2. De-ticks/ De-flea - RM60 onwards
3. De-matting - From RM45 onwards (Depending on the severity of the matts, up to RM120)
4. Medicated/Tick Shampoo - RM16
5. Injured groomer - RM100




How are your grooming results?

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