I need daycare for my doggie!

We would love to help with that !  We provide Daycare Services in our shop on Monday- Saturday 10am - 6pm , Sundays 10am - 4pm . Tuesdays CLOSED.



RM22 for the first 2 hours

Consecutively RM6/ hour after that.


Everyone can roam freely in the shop and mix around with other furries. Furballs who are being 'unfriendly' will have to be in a playpen while we request the owner to come pick up their pets immediately. Our daycare furballs will get homemade treats during snack time. Pawrents will get photo updates as well from time to time.


All our grooming customers are entitled for free daycare on their grooming day as we do not cage any furballs.



  1. Furballs who do marking or not toilet trained must wear diapers/ manner belt at all times.
  2.  Big dogs are accepted for grooming in the shop however, they will be separated from small and medium dogs.
  3. We do not allow dogs on heat to be sent for daycare.